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Better sleep begins here.

A luxury mattress matters to you

How do you vision your best sleep?

Sleep should comfort you. Sleep should alleviate your pain. Sleep should refresh you. Sleep should elevate you.

For that to happen, you need a mattress that is crafted for one person: you.

At our showroom, we explore:
  • Your unique body type, sleep style, and posture
  • Your sleep history
  • Your health needs


Meet Ryan.
Meet William.
Meet Robert.

Where unparalleled luxury meets unmatched expertise

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture you own. It’s vital to your health and happiness, every night and every day. You deserve a mattress experience that takes your commitment to health seriously. Our team of experts guides you to the mattress that is perfect for you.

Perfection is a process. We’ll take the time to make it right. Visit our Chicago, Dallas or Naples Showroom to be guided toward your best sleep.

What turns a mattress into something more?

Your perfect mattress isn’t just made. It comes from natural materials, time-honed techniques, and an unwavering passion for true comfort.



Our bespoke collections are handmade with the finest natural materials by highly trained craftsmen for a truly superior night sleep. Each of our beds is handmade by trained European craftsmen for the ultimate in quality, durability and comfort.


The finest horsehair. Springs that work in harmony. Layers and layers of comfort, built for your specific needs. There is no “firm” or “soft” bed- there’s just the bed that will provide you comfort and health for decades.


Our beds last for over 25 years. With a complimentary flip and fluff service, they’ll not only last: they’ll be comfortable for decades. And with all natural materials, when they are done, they’ll biodegrade. We’re healthy and eco-friendly, naturally.

Showroom Events


We offer a wide range of events in all of our showrooms around sleep education and community support.

Up Next: April 20, 2023, from 4 -7pm. Our Chicago Showroom is hosting the newest collaboration between Rene Romero Schuler and Relativity Textiles. Meet the artists, see the new textiles, and support one of our favorite charities. All of these pieces would make a beautiful bedroom statement.  RSVP Here. 

Learn More about our events at all of our showrooms.

Stay with us.

With great pleasure, we announce the launch of our partnership with Soucie Horner Hospitality at the Wickwood Inn. Soucie Horner’s hallmark timelessness, graciousness, and passionate desire to tell the unique stories of our clients, customers, and guests blends effortlessly with our mission of improving lives through sleep.

Every detail of the Wickwood Inn has been thoughtfully curated beginning with the same Vispring beds that you will find in our showroom.

Contact us today to replicate your Wickwood Inn sleep experience at home. Alternatively, we would be delighted to help you book a room to experience a Vispring bed for an entire night.

Learn More about Vispring