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Discover your perfect mattress.

Each Hastens is built with a special purpose in mind. They each have their own personality and specific comfort profile depending on the quantity of materials used, how they were assembled, and the number of layers. If it feels good to you, then it is good; we can’t determine which bed will feel best. The question is only how good you want to feel.

Also, there is no such thing as taking too long to test a bed that you’ll sleep in for the rest of your life. Please, feel free to visit our stores and really try our beds out, i.e. sleep in them. Yes, you’re allowed! With a blanket, without a sales person talking to you. (Unfortunately, however, we will need to wake you up before we close.)

There is absolutely no rush as all with choosing your Hastens. Come back the next day and try it out again. The record is a man in England who visited a Hastens store 24 times before he made a decision. He was then also very pleased with his choice.



Handmade by trained European craftsmen.

Hastens’ team of artisans uses traditional techniques handed down through generations to give your bed a soul and character of its own.

Hastens’ craftsmen are everything; the core of everything they do and make. Handcrafting beds from layers of natural materials with meticulous attention to detail, the skills they use are the key to your perfect sleep, and the way they work has remained unchanged since the beginning.

The finest natural & sustainable materials.

The search for perfect sleep brings us close to nature, harvesting the purest materials to create your Hastens bed. Each material sourced has its own properties that enhance the way you sleep.




Function meets design.

Beneath the calm blue check exterior, Hastens beds are packed with sleep innovations. Their design philosophy is progressive and always evolving.

Walk-ins are welcomed or schedule a consultation below.

The Luxury Bed Collection invites you to experience sleep like never before. With our curated expertise, you can learn decades of craftsmanship in simply one appointment. Reserve your time to discover what eight hours of sleep can really be.

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Bedding, pillows, accessories and more.

Don’t stop with the mattress. Our unique Pillow Bar matches your pillow with the needs of your neck, back, and overall posture…and with the mattress you bought.

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