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Invest in rest.

Because sleep is the essential luxury of life.

Our Naples Showroom is open Monday to Friday 9:00 – 4:30 PM on the 2nd floor of  The Collective: 111 10th Street South. Please call for assistance: 239-296-5497

Rebuilding Naples Together. 

Receive 2 complimentary, bespoke pillows with the purchase of a mattress. 

Mattresses starting at $4500, in-stock and ready for delivery.



The quality of a luxury bed pays for itself time and time again.

We’re quick to tell you that their value is beyond compare. The longevity of our world-class brands, coupled with an enhanced life experience, is really priceless. It’s your investment in a better way of being.

Consider these everyday costs:


10 years of your daily Starbucks habit


10 years of daily garage parking


10 years of bi-monthly mani-pedis


10 years of workday takeout lunches


10 years of premium gym membership

Then consider that a bed from the Luxury Bed Collection is a hand-crafted, bespoke product with years of research sewn into every stitch — and you’ll use it for eight hours every night, for much longer than a decade.

That’s more time than you spend using your car, your sound system, or any other item in your home. On a value-per-use basis, investing in a quality bed just makes sense.

Beyond the dollar value, consider the value our beds bring to your health, your daily mental acuity and focus, your sense of wellbeing and positivity — those benefits are priceless.

When you run the numbers, you’ll see how the perfect bed is not only life-changing in terms of the quality of your sleep, but that, all factors considered, its value truly stacks up.

Walk-ins are welcomed or schedule a consultation below.

The Luxury Bed Collection invites you to experience sleep like never before. With our curated expertise, you can learn decades of craftsmanship in simply one appointment. Reserve your time to discover what eight hours of sleep can really be.

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