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Our Story

Mary Pat Wallace, founder of The Luxury Bed Collection, is a 30-year veteran of the design industry. Committed to sourcing the highest-quality, bespoke mattresses and sleep products from across the globe, Mary Pat and her team of experts have spent over 19 years helping clients transform their lives through sleep.

As a young entrepreneur and mother, Mary Pat Wallace, found herself struggling with lack of sleep — a problem she knew she had to remedy in order to fulfill both of her important roles. Research and a friend’s recommendation led her to visit the famed European mattress manufacturer Hastens, where she realized the impact a perfectly fitted mattress of exceptional quality can have on restorative sleep.

As a design industry veteran, Mary Pat recognized the value of the bed as the most important piece of furniture in the home; a place where we spend one-third of our lives, and a key element for optimum health and productivity. Having witnessed firsthand that the right mattress is critical to a deeply restful night of sleep, she brought that experience and her unique expertise to the luxury market in Chicago, opening the first Hastens retail store in North America in 2005.

As her business evolved, Mary Pat rebranded the business to Chicago Luxury Beds in order to expand her curated offerings, later opening Dallas Luxury Beds as well. In 2021, having continued success by creating a science-based approach to matching clients with the perfect bed, the company expanded yet again, opening a Naples showroom and uniting all three retail stores as The Luxury Bed Collection.

Mary Pat is realizing her life’s passion as she continues to work to further her team’s reach and their ability to help clients create sleep environments that are deeply restful and transformative for health and well-being.

We know that what makes our approach to sleep drastically different is the value of high-touch service from a team of curators who are grounded in the latest scientific knowledge. They provide hands-on attention as each client is guided through a personalized consultation focused on the feel and performance of each product in our carefully selected collection.


“When you sleep better it’s proven: you’re happier, you look better, you’re more productive. Sleep is the key to a happy and healthy life.”

Mary Pat Wallace, Founder

Our Collection

The Luxury Bed Collection is exactly as it sounds – a perfectly curated assortment of the world’s best sleep products offering our customers a personalized in-store experience to truly learn about sleep.

Our stringent research process ensures that every product we carry meets our requirements for excellence in durability, craftsmanship, hand, cleanliness, and sustainability.

We offer as many high-quality brands as possible including mattresses by Hastens and Vispring – Linens by Sferra and Christian Fischbacher – Pillows by The Pillow Bar amongst many other sleep accessories.

Natural products are extremely important to us, not just for health and reduction of chemicals, but also for their traditional properties of cooling, comfort, and longevity. We offer all-natural, non-allergenic alternatives to foams and gels including cotton, wool, flax, horsetail hair, alpaca, down, mohair, cashmere, and silk.


Our Impact

TLBC is deeply committed to changing lives through better sleep — but our belief in the business of doing good doesn’t stop there.



The TLBC team is committed to building and maintaining healthy communities both locally and globally, partnering with non-profit organizations in each of the areas we serve to help create a better world for all.

Our community impact.

A mattress crafted of the finest natural materials is not only a commitment to your own health and wellness — it’s a commitment to our planet as well. 

Americans on average send seven mattresses to the landfill in their lifetime. However, a luxury handmade bed is crafted at a quality to last 20 years or more when properly cared for. The longest record known of a Hastens mattress still being slept on is 80 years old. 

Our environmental impact.