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vispring bed


Vispring has always epitomized a uniquely British brand of distinction. Their beds couple the technical prowess that launched the industrial revolution with a personalized approach worthy of the finest bespoke tailoring.

They combine a quest for the ultimate in quality and comfort with profound respect for traditional craftsmanship. They are in step with the accelerated rhythms of modern life while rooted in the unchanging values of the countryside.


Handmade by trained European craftsmen.

Every Vispring is made individually to order – and entirely by hand. Experienced craftsmen hand-nest each pocket spring and side-stitch using an intricate technique taking many years to master. Producing all their own springs from the best Vanadium steel, Vispring fits each mattress and divan with a unique selection of springs to offer a broad range of sleep comfort options.

The finest natural & sustainable materials.

Vispring mattresses have nothing but the finest natural fibers, expertly selected and blended for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Every fiber is specially selected to perform a very specific purpose. Vispring has perfected the ideal blend which includes; 100% British wool, horsetail, silk, cashmere, and mohair – all of which is expertly teased over the cotton-covered pocket springs by hand. With components of this caliber, there is little wonder our loyal customers tell us they regret not investing sooner.



Function meets design.

A bespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme luxury and untroubled sleep. For over a century, they have been refining the subtle art of pairing the perfect combination of spring size, tension, and resilience with the finest materials nature has to offer.

Although Vispring mattresses are made using traditional upholstery methods, that doesn’t mean they have to be a conventional shape. These bespoke mattresses can be made extra long and extra wide, with cut-out corners for antique bedsteads and four-poster beds, or with divans in four sections to negotiate narrow or spiral staircases during delivery.

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Don’t stop with the mattress. Our unique Pillow Bar matches your pillow with the needs of your neck, back, and overall posture…and with the mattress you bought.

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