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Linens Curated for You

Made of the finest materials: Egyptian cotton, bamboo, silk, linen, and hemp.

So much more than thread count.

Linens are the finishing touch to a perfect combination of mattress and pillow. They work in harmony with your bed and environment creating the most luxurious retreat.

Just like our thoughtfully selected beds, we’ve curated the following linen brands to ensure they meet our quality, sustainability, and fabric hand standards. We offer custom sizes and shapes for the most intricate of projects. 

Our Sleep Experts can help bring your vision to life with a bespoke set of linens made by traditional craftsmen found around the world. 

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Sferra crafts the luxury of the everyday, where beauty and comfort are woven into every room of the home. Fine tailoring, impeccable craftsmanship, and unparalleled innovation are the mainstay of everything they do.

Only the very finest raw materials make the finest linens. SFERRA is renowned for sourcing the world’s choicest natural fibers and spinning the most gossamer of yarns to weave luxury linens of impeccable quality and comfort. The company was the first to introduce bed linens woven from Giza 45, coveted as the highest grade of Egyptian cotton.

Sferra’s classic favorites are available on our website here, or create a custom bedding collection with their Tailor Made or Nastro lines, featuring sateen applique or embroidery designs stitched by master craftsmen in Italy. Custom sizing is also available. Made in Italy.

Sferra Care Guide 


New Sferra Fall / Winter 2023

Hastens takes a different approach, finding threads that are as thin and fine as possible to allow their sheets to breathe in harmony with their beds. Hastens’ designer quality bed linens are made from the highest quality natural breathable fibers including Egyptian Cotton, Linen, and Hemp and are available in a wide selection of patterns, solid colors, and various sizes. Satin Pure linens in classic colors can be ordered online here.

Hastens also offers a unique collection of designer collaborations by Ferris Rafauli, Bernadotte & Kylberg, Isle Crawford and Lars Nilsson.

Custom made-to-order sizes are possible with Hasten’s linens.


Christian Fischbacher products are hallmarked by close attention to detail, a deep-seated passion for the quality of the materials used, and their drive to create. The collection encompasses a wide range of colorful and artistic designs which grow every year. Such is the nature of creativity. But one thing has remained the same throughout the two centuries of the company’s existence: their commitment to quality- in the materials they use, in the level of design, and the extra care and attention to detail they exercise throughout the entire process from creation to production.

In today’s fast-paced world, they consciously allow themselves the luxury of insisting on outstanding quality and the highest production standards. In their unrelenting quest for quality, they rely on their partners and suppliers, some of whom we have collaborated with for more than 100 years.

Swiss manufacturing expertise coupled with unwavering quality standards guarantees the finesse of their products. With durability, a subtle sheen, and an exceptionally smooth feel, bed linen from Christian Fischbacher is certain to impress – for a sensuous sleeping experience.

Made to order from Switzerland. Their collection includes cotton, linen, and mulberry silk.

Christian Fischbacher Care Guide


Distinctive customizable and sustainably-made luxury linens inspired by modernism and the natural world. Beyond their linens’ design ethos, Modernplum stands for American production, the value of artisan craft, and in thinking-small. All these values are reflected in how they make our products, and definitely why.

They create linens that honor the natural world. Nature’s hues, fluidity, organic lines, and tactility make their way into their products through the use of natural materials and sustainable production. Modernplum is a choice that is mindful of resources used, waste made, and the value of artisan sewing versus assembly line production. Their line invites you to reconnect with the simple, and pleasurable acts of daily living.

Linen is an investment that over time will require fewer linen purchases and will ultimately slow textile waste pile-up. Linen gives piece of mind that the choice you make in purchasing is eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Their products are purposefully made to serve many functions, and to mix and match with one another through our coordinated color palettes. Multi-purpose design is simplified design, in which a single pillow could be used in many rooms, or a linen throw is conceived to become a tablecloth. This way of thinking sees the utilitarian aspect of items, and simplifies your linen closet. Simplifying choices is a form of sustainability as it inherently reduces excess material waste and overall production of goods.

Modernplum products are made-to-order locally in Chicago.

Modernplum Care Guide


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The Luxury Bed Collection invites you to experience sleep like never before. With our curated expertise, you can learn decades of craftsmanship in simply one appointment. Reserve your time to discover what eight hours of sleep can really be.

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