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Accessorize well with pillows and linens.

Putting the finishing touches on your luxury bed will contribute even more to your sleep experience. Consider these notable guidelines as you curate what’s best for you.


Don’t underestimate the power of a great bed pillow: Whether too firm or too soft, the wrong pillow can keep you tossing and turning. We have a full collection of pillows in natural, non-toxic materials — down, silk and alpaca — to choose from at Luxury Bed Collection, so we can find your complement to your perfect night’s sleep.

Age is more than just a number: If you have a favorite bed pillow, remember that it has a limited lifespan of about two years — according to the National Sleep Foundation. Let us help you figure out what you love about your “old favorite,” so you can choose the right replacement.

Sleep style matters: Your sleep position (on your side, back or stomach) will determine the type of support you need from a pillow — to allow for the natural alignment of your head, neck and back. Proper spinal alignment means true comfort that lasts through the night.

Match your pillow to your bed: Your pillow’s support coordinates with the degree of mattress support to create a precisely calibrated system tailored to the way you sleep. That’s why trying out a pillow while lying down on a mattress is essential to decision-making.



Layers are your friend: You’re hot, your partner’s cold — and layers are the answer. Layering a just-right mix of linens, blankets and comforter allows you (or both of you!) complete control over your temperature as you sleep.

Threads matter: What’s most important about linens is the way they feel to you. Light and crisp? Soft and luxuriously weighty? The right choice comes down to your personal preference. Whether it’s the quantity of a high thread count, or simply the sheer quality of the materials, let the sense of touch lead the way.

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Don’t stop with the mattress. Our unique Pillow Bar matches your pillow with the needs of your neck, back, and overall posture…and with the mattress you bought.

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