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Curating your desired luxury bed.

You’re ready for the best sleep experience possible, and our gallery experts are prepared to guide you through it all. Together, we’ll discern your particular needs through a series of questions that gets us to the bed that belongs to you.

What are your goals?

Is your mattress 10 years old and ready for an upgrade? Are you moving or redecorating? Have you finally purchased that getaway cabin or second home you’ve been dreaming of? We want to know all about your needs so we can find the perfect bed to fulfill them.

What’s affecting your sleep?

Are aches and pains keeping you awake? Does your current bed sag and creak when you climb under the covers? Do you feel too crowded or hot? Tell us what concerns you: we’re not only great listeners, we have insights that can lead to the best solutions for every sleep challenge.


Who’s in your bed?

Will the bed be a resting place for just you, you and a sleep partner, or will kids and dogs be snuggling in too? Is it a bed you’ll sleep in each night, or a vacation home purchase that you’ll visit only on weekends? Whatever your plans, how you use your bed is a key component of finding the right match, tailored just for your needs.

What’s in your bed?

Do you know what’s inside your current mattress? For many of us, non-toxic materials have become most important as our awareness of healthy indoor environments has grown. Our staff curators have knowledge of wide ranging natural materials (including silk, wool and even horsetail hair), and their uses and benefits — which we’ll gladly share as we guide you to your perfect new bed.


What are you feeling?

Take a moment as you lie down in bed to consider what your body is telling you. Do you detect a “stopping point” where your hip or shoulder are reaching a solid, unyielding surface? Do you feel as though you’re sinking into a “hole” in the mattress? Now, consider what you should be feeling: a perfect balance between pressure relief and gentle support — of literally “floating” in bed. We know how to assess what you’re sensing now, and turn it into a formula for optimal comfort in your new bed.

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