A mattress crafted of the finest natural materials is not only a commitment to your own health and wellness — it’s a commitment to our planet as well.

Due to the limited lifespan of typical mattresses, most people purchase and discard an average of seven mattresses over the years; and unfortunately, most of these mattresses end up in landfills.

The items available at The Luxury Bed Collection are created for comfort, longevity, and sustainability. For example, at the end of a luxury bed’s lifespan, the steel springs can be recycled, and the organic materials of horsetail hair, cotton, wool, and flax are biodegradable and will be absorbed by our environment.

A mattress made with natural, environmentally friendly materials is important for the planet and is also better for your own health. Each custom-made bed from The Luxury Bed Collection is chemical-free and made with natural materials, meaning you can feel confident in a sleep routine built by nature and grounded in quality.

A bespoke, natural mattress is an investment in your health, your sleep, and your future — and an investment in the world we all share.