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You sleep a third of your life.

All multicellular animals sleep. You know, that odd state when we lie unconscious, defenseless, and paralyzed for several hours. If there had not been a very good reason for sleep, then evolution would have most likely done away with it a long time ago. To surive you can sleep on anything.

But what’s the point of just surviving? It’s about the quality of your life. The quality of yourself. How awake and welcoming you are towards everything the world has to offer between seven in the morning and eleven at night. With all your senses. With a fully-activated brand and a warm, wide-open heart.

It’s during your awake hours that you’ll notice how well you have slept. That’s when your resting place will reveal its true character. If it really provides you with deep sleep and allows every part of your body to have its essential rest and recovery. Or if it secretly steals from your moments here on Earth.

We live to provide you with really deep quality sleep – the kind of sleep which gives you the opportunity to blossom to your full potential. Every day.

What is great sleep worth to you?

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