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Better sleep begins here.

A perfectly curated assortment of the world’s most comfortable beds.

What makes our approach to sleep drastically different is the value of high-touch service from a team of curators who are grounded in the latest scientific knowledge. We provide hands-on attention through a personalized consultation focused on the feel and performance of each product in our carefully selected collection.

What turns a mattress into something more?

Your perfect mattress isn’t just made. It comes from natural materials, time-honed techniques, and an unwavering passion for true comfort.


Natural Materials

Every fiber is specially selected to perform a very specific purpose: Horsetail hair for encompassing support and ventilation capabilities. Wool, cashmere, silk and alpaca for different comfort feels, softness and flame retardancy properties. Flax for its resiliency and static control. Cotton for its durability, hand, and breathability.


The finest materials in the world. Springs that work in harmony. Layers and layers of comfort are built for your specific needs. There is no “firm” or “soft” bed- there’s just the bed that will provide you comfort and health for decades.


Our bespoke collections are handmade with the finest natural materials by highly trained craftsmen for a truly superior night’s sleep. Each of our beds is handmade by trained European craftsmen for the ultimate in quality, durability and comfort.

Size and Shape

Offering all traditional European and American sizes including twin, xl twin, full/double, queen, Eastern king, and California king, but not only these. After all, they are bespoke beds handmade just for you. If you have exceptional needs for sizes such as Wyoming king, Texas king, Alberta King, Olympic queen, family beds, extra wide or extra long, Antique or 3/4 beds, it’s possible, even round beds and unique shapes for yachts and jets.


Our beds last for over 20 years. With a complimentary flip and fluff service, they’ll not only last; they’ll be comfortable for decades. And with all natural materials, when they are done, they’ll biodegrade. We’re healthy and eco-friendly, naturally.

Experience true comfort.

Feel the mattress that fits.

We truly believe that the mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home – one that you shouldn’t buy online. Nothing has more of an impact on your health, your well-being, and your outlook on life. We want to find you the right mattress. No pressure. No upsells. Just let your body guide you.


Engage in a curated service.

When you visit us, know you’ll receive:
  • A personal tour by a highly-trained mattress and sleep expert
  • An exploration of a variety of mattresses types
  • A comfortable, quiet, individual experience, free from crowds
  • Room to stretch out, toss and turn, and find the bed that works for you

You’re our guest looking to improve your life. We’re proud to help.


Focus on your personalized approach.


Our curators guide you by:

  • Analyzing your body’s specific needs
  • Finding a range of mattresses that support you
  • Targeting the ones that match your posture, sleep styles, and habits
  • Listening to your body’s response to comfort

You know what you don’t have with your current mattress. We can discover what you need.

Walk-ins are welcomed or schedule a consultation below.

The Luxury Bed Collection invites you to experience sleep like never before. With our curated expertise, you can learn decades of craftsmanship in simply one appointment. Reserve your time to discover what eight hours of sleep can really be.

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Bedding, pillows, accessories and more.

Don’t stop with the mattress. Our unique Pillow Bar matches your pillow with the needs of your neck, back, and overall posture…and with the mattress you bought.

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