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Your comfort begins with Hooke’s Law.

The forgotten variable of your perfect mattress is found in the springs – the unseen foundation behind bespoke craftsmanship.

Hooke’s Law is a law of physics that states that the force (F) needed to extend or compress a spring by some distance (x) scales linearly with respect to that distance—that is, Fs = –kx, where k is the strength of that particular spring  (i.e., its stiffness), and x is the distance the spring travels when force is applied.

Account for body mass.

Springs are very predictable; they compress a specific amount when force is applied to them. When we know a persons’ body mass and the height, width and thickness of steel, we can suggest an optimal balance of compression and support for great sleep.

Achieve an equilibrium.

Our curated bed selection offers at least 4 tensions of springs for every model allowing your Body Mass Index to be taken into account. In addition to the springs, the unique layering of natural materials allows you to achieve an equilibrium of absorption and support exclusive to you.


Two ways are better than one.

You are unique in many ways and so is your partner. Your bed can be fitted to support both of your specific needs. King mattresses and larger can be split into whichever combination your partnership requires: soft/medium, medium/firm, etc. We also offer adjustable beds for those who prefer even more options.